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Welcome to LeadFinderSoftwarePro.com the leading provider of revolutionary software packageswhich are designed to give you a competitive edge in your business & services. Our currentsoftware package promotion includes a revolutionary new Deluxe Leads Finder Software which will locate freshtargeted for your business or services. Extract thousands of leads with no limit using this extraordinarysoftware. Whether you want to find millions of leads or just a few hundred leads, use the Leads Finder Software Pro to find freshtargeted leads daily. In addition, over one billion free leads are included free with the Leads Finder Software Pro!

Please scroll down the page for more information regarding the leads package.

The entire special leads package included with your order today:

Deluxe Lead Finder Software Pro Package
  • Deluxe Leads Finder Pro Software $1000 Value
  • + Extract full contact information for potential leads (Nationwide) Pro Feature
  • + Phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and more! (Nationwide) Pro Feature
  • + Find business leads, company leads, consumer leads, and more! (Nationwide) Pro Feature
  • + Bonus Mass/Bulk Email Marketing Sender Software (Nationwide) Business Value
  • + Find United States (Nationwide) Leads, Canada and Internationally! Great Value
Free Bonus Deluxe Business and Consumer Lead Package - Double your sales and gain valuable exposure instantly!
  • 100,000 Business Opportunity Seeker Leads Great Value
  • 12 Million Mega Nationwide Business Database List Leads Great Value
  • + Phone Numbers & Fax Numbers Included Great Value
  • 1.2 Million Nationwide Real Estate Agent Database List Leads Great Value
  • 20 Million Nationwide Consumer Email Mega List Leads Great Value
  • 900 Million Nationwide Mega Email List Leads Great Value
  • 15 Million Nationwide Social Media Members Email List Leads Great Value
  • Bonus 3 Nationwide Million Consumer Email Mega List Leads Great Value
  • 4,000,000 Debt Settlement Deluxe Leads Database $1000 Value
  • 3,000,000 Payday Leads Database $1000 Value
  • 5,000,000 Cell Phone Users Deluxe Leads Database $1000 Value
  • 8,000,000 Homeowner Deluxe Leads Database $1000 Value
  • 10,000,000 CEO Business Individuals Deluxe Leads Database $1000 Value
  • + Phone Numbers & Fax Numbers Included Great Value
  • 1.5 Million Forex Traders Email Database Great Value
  • 18,000 Bonus U.S.A. Businesses Database Great Value
  • 28,000 U.S. Dentist Leads Database Great Value
  • 800,000 Latin American Leads Great Value
  • 1 Million Personal Profile Email Leads Great Value
  • 12,000 Canadian Realtors Great Value
  • 177,000 Australian Businesses Great Value
  • 1 Million Home Based Business Investment Leads Great Value
  • + 439,797 U.S. Schools Email Database
    + 34,000 U.S. Hotels Database
    + 142,000 + Criminal Attorneys Database
    + 4 Million American Businesses Email List
    + 4.8 Million New Businesses Records
    + 1,000,000 Manufacturers Database
    + 250,000 + U.S. Lawyers Database
    + 148,000 + Financial Planners Database
    + 116,000 + Finance and Money Professionals Database
    + 113,000 + Insurance Agents Database
    + 500,000 Canada Businesses Database
    + 400,000 United Kingdon Business Database
    + 200,000 Media Outlet Contacts Database
    + 94,000 + Construction Development Database
    + 21,000 + U.S. Accountants Database
    + 9,000 + Architects Database
    + 1,000,000 Businesses in India Database
    + 10,000 + Real Estate Land Developers Database
    + 280,000 + U.S. Restaurants
    + 169,000 + U.S. Churches Database
    + 12,000 I.T. and V.A.R. Consultants Database
    + 1,000,000 Consumer Credit Inquries Database
    + 1,000,000 American Homeowners
    + 2,400,000 American Consumer Database

    Healthcare Deluxe Databases Also Included

    + 700,000 + Physician Database (34 specialties)
    + 108,000 + Chiropractors
    + 1.1 Million + Alternative Medicine Database
    + 164,000 Dentist Database
    + 30,000 Dentists with Specialties Database
    + 78,000 + Veterinarians
    + 23,000 + Hospital Administrators Database
    + 1,300 National Health Service Corp Clinics Database
    + 31,000 + Nursing Homes Database
    + 47,000 Pharmaceutical Companies
    + 125,000 Physical Therapists Database
    + 2,200 + Oncology Doctors Database
    + 85,000 U.S. Surgery Centers Database
    + 23,000 Acupunturists Database
    + 76,000 Massage Therapists Database
    + 167,000 Medical Equipment Suppliers Database
    + 283,000 Mental Health Counselors Database
    + 91,000 Visiting Nurses and R.N.'s Database
    + 63,000 Optometrists Database
    + 272,000 Psychologists Database
    + 23,000 Plastic Surgeons Database
    + 11,000 Healthcare Recruiters Database

Free Bonus Software Suite - Save thousands and use the professional software included with your order today!

  • Professional Office Software - Word Processor Great Value
  • + Spreadsheet Software Great Value
  • + Power Presentation Software Great Value
  • Professional Business Organizer Software Great Value
  • Live Help Chat Support Software Professional Great Value
  • Website Traffic Monitor Professional Software Great Web Value
  • Password Manager Software Professional Pro Value
  • PDF Labeling & Stamping Software Business Value
  • Follow Up Email Creator Software Pro Great Business Value
  • Marketing Ad Creator Pro Software Great Business Value
  • Computer File Shredder Software Professional Value
  • Data Encryption Software Professional Professional Value
  • Data Recovery Software Professional Pro Value
  • Image to Text Converter Software Business Value
  • Computer Speed Improver Software Great Value
  • Bar Code Creator Software Great Value
  • File Backup & Encryption Software Great Business Value
  • Instant Web Sales Booster Software Great Business Value
  • Professional Accounting Software Business Value
  • Personal Finance & Budgeting Software Business Value
  • Email Formatter Software Business Value
  • Web Law Generator Software Professional Great Business Value
  • Anti Virus Software Great Value
  • Professional Desktop Publishing Software Great Value
  • Marketing Software Bundle Deluxe Professional Package Business Value
  • Google Search Engine Ranking Booster Software Bundle Great Value
  • Leads Page Generator Script Great Value

Free Bonus Business Forms, Conracts & Tools to give you the competitive edge in your business

  • Business Contracts Professional Database Great Value
  • Legal Forms Database Pro Great Value
  • Website Design Professional Software Professional Value
  • Professional Business Finance Tools Package Great Value
  • Professional Stock Analysis Tools Package Great Value
  • Budget Analysis Professional Tool Great Value
  • Business Plan Funding Kit Great Value
  • Business Marketing Kit Business Value
  • Cash Flow Professional Deluxe Business Tool Business Value
  • Funding Source Directory Business Value
  • Loan Calculation Wizard Tool Great Value
  • Profit & Loss Pro Deluxe Business Analyzer Professional Value
  • Six Sigma Pro Premium Business Efficiency Increaser Great Value
  • Professional Deluxe Templates Great Value
  • Bond Trader Professional Tool Business Value
  • 500 + Sales Letters & Business Letter Templates Pro Great Value
  • 1,000 Website Templates Professional Package Professional Value

Free Bonus Deluxe Business Plan Database - Have nearly 1000 business plans at your disposal

  • 995 + Complete Professional Business Plans Database
  • - Pre written business plans professionally written
  • - Great for reference and business ideas

Free Bonus Video Courses to take you and your business to the next level

  • Sales Video Creator Deluxe Video Course Great Value
  • Search Engine Video Guide Pro Course Pro Business Value
  • Facebook Marketing Educational Video Course Professional Value
  • Social Media Traffic Educational Video Course Great Value
  • Internet Marketing Basics Educational Video Course Great Value
  • Responsive Email Marketing Video Tutorials Pro Value
  • Internet Marketing Basics Educational Video Course Great Value

  • Think & Grow Rich Ebook Great Value
  • Winning Friends & Influence People Ebook Great Value
  • Business Incorporation Kit Pro Package Great Value
  • How to Start A Business Guide Great Value
  • Marketing Guide Pro Great Value
  • Free Shipping - Same Day Delivery! Great Value
  • Free Tech Support Great Value
  • Free Lifetime Updates Great Value

    This entire package is worth over $10,000! Buy it today for only $9.95! For a limited time!

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    One time purchase with free lifetime updates. No Monthly Fees! No Renewal Fees!

    Leads, Leads Finder, Leads Finder Software

    Lead Finder Pro

    (Great Business Value)

    Find and collect unlimited amount of targeted


    for your business with

    Lead Finder Pro Software

    . This revolutionary softwarequickly and easily finds


    directly from the internet based on what you are searching for. Whether you are in sales, service or retail business, quickly find targeted leads of consumers, businesses, professionals, buyers, sellers of your offerings. The


    are targetedand can be used to promote your products or services. Double your sales and business todaywith Lead Finder Pro Lead Finding Software.

    Find potential customers instantly
    Full lead contact information
    Double your sales and business today
    Find fresh new leads daily

    Type of leads you can find using the software.

    • Find Potential Mortgage Leads
    • Find Potential B2B Leads
    • Find Potential Manufacturing Leads
    • Find Potential Homeowner Leads
    • Find Potential Business Owner Leads
    • Find Potential Short Sale Leads
    • Find Potential Loan Leads
    • Find Potential Job Leads
    • Find Potential Business Leads
    • Find Potential Company Leads
    • Plus More!
    Instantly finds lead contact information, including phone number, fax number, email address, and more.
    • Finds Lead Phone Numbers
    • Finds Lead Fax Numbers
    • Finds Leads Emails Addresses
    • Plus More!

    Business Organizer Deluxe, Leads Finder
    Business Organizer Deluxe (Great Value)
    Simply and easily organize your business tasks and daily jobs with the professionalbusiness organizer software. Become more efficient and stay on top of your tasks today. A great additionto the deluxe leads pacakge.

    Stay more organized
    Gain an edge in your business today

    Business Contractor Professional, Leads, Leads finder
    Business Contracts Pro Database (Great Value)

    Complete database of business contracts to help you in your business. Gain an edge and use the editablecontracts in the database. Another great addition to the leads package.

    Pro Contracts included.

    Leads Finder for Business Plan Database
    Deluxe Business Plan Database (Great Value)

    Nearly 1000 pre written business plans are included in the deluxe business plan database. Utilize the business plans for ideas,marketing insight and more. Learn about other businesses and use the business plans as a guide.A great addition to the leads product package.

    Set of nearly 1000 business plans.

    Web Design Software, Leads, Lead Finder
    Website Design Pro Software (Great Value)

    Simply and easily create stunning websites with the website design software pro today!

    Create instant websites
    Great software to have

    Budget Analysis Pro, Leads, Lead Finder
    Budget Analysis Pro (Great Value)

    Simply and easily analyze your budget today!

    Instant Budget Analyzer
    Free addition to Leads Software
    Become a more efficient

    Leads for Sales Letter Creator
    Sales Letter Software Pro (Professional Value)

    Instantly create professional award winning sales letter to sell your products and services today!

    Sales letters to help you sell and generate more money in your pocket!

    Another plus if you are going to be selling to the leads you find

    Leads for4 Business Plan Funding kit
    Business Plan Funding Kit (Great Value)

    A great kit to have if you are seeking funding for your startup, business or idea.

    Business plan funding kit pro!

    Business Marketing Kit, Lead finder, Leads
    Business Marketing Kit (Professional Value)

    Complete business marketing kit to give you the edge!

    Set of marketing material

    Cash Flow Professional, Leads finder, Leads
    Cash Flow Pro (Great Value)

    Great additional business tool.

    Funding Source Directory, Leads, Leads Finder
    Funding Source Directory (Great Value)

    Directory of places to go to obtain financing or funding.

    Legal Forms Database Pro, Leads, Lead Finder
    Legal Forms Database Pro (Great Value)

    COmplete professional set of legal forms to use in your everyday business.

    Accounting Software Professional, Leads Finder
    Accounting Software Pro (Great Value)

    Accounting Software Pro Included with leads package.

    Loan Wizard, Leads, Leads Finder
    Loan Wizard (Great Value)

    Calculate loan interests and payments simply and easily.

    Leads, Lead Finder
    Profit & Loss Pro (Great Value)

    Analyze your profits and losses with this tool.

    Leads, Lead Finder
    Six Sigma Pro (Great Value)

    Become a more efficient professional using the six sigma pro tool today.

    Leads, Lead Finder
    Templates Pro (Great Value)

    Useful addition to marketing to leads

    Leads, Lead Finder
    Website Templates Pro (Great Value)

    Leads, Lead Finder
    Bond Trader Pro (Great Value)

    Leads, Lead Finder

    Leads, Lead Finder

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    Type of leads you can find using the software.

    • Find Potential Mortgage Leads
    • Find Potential B2B Leads
    • Find Potential Manufacturing Leads
    • Find Potential Homeowner Leads
    • Find Potential Business Owner Leads
    • Find Potential Short Sale Leads
    • Find Potential Loan Leads
    • Find Potential Job Leads
    • Find Potential Business Leads
    • Find Potential Company Leads
    • United States Leads
    • Canada Leads
    • Europe Leads
    • International Leads
    • Plus More!
    Finds and Extracts full contact information.

    • Finds Leads Phone Numbers
    • Finds Leads Fax Numbers
    • Finds Leads Emails Addresses
    • Plus More!


    What is included with the Lead Finder Software Package?

    Everything listed on the home page and order page is included, over 75 products!

    Are their any other fees?

    No additional fees ever, pay one time. No monthly fees! No other fees ever! Free lifetimeupdates included!

    How do I receive my order?

    You will be able to download the products instantly after you order. The download links will be sent to your email/inbox. A Cd-rom can be shipped out to youfree of charge upon request.

    Do I have to download all the products the same day I order?

    No, you can download some of the products today and download the rest another day. Their is also free tech support to assist you to download and install the software products.

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    Customer Testimonial

    "I am simply amazed about this software, really! I was looking for something like this but found only for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I've found it "accidentely" and I am so happy about it! The software, the support, everything is just perfect. All of these for this small price, unbelievable! Congratulation and all the best for all of you! Thanks x 1000 :)"

    Best regards
    Sando Szekeres

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